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Monthly Journal of the Senior Planners Industry Network Issue 38 – November 2013 SPIN:News Let's Be Thankful For. . . SHOUT OUT YOUR THANKS! shared by the editor, Terry Matthews-Lombardo As planners, we all feel more comfortable working with a theme, right? (Heck, I know planners that wouldn't even dream of having a birthday party for their dog without a catchy phrase or slogan attached, don't you?) Well, as your newsletter editor, I sincerely hope this isn't viewed as 'overkill' of this month's theme about being grateful, but honestly, if you can't spend a little extra time in November - of all months - to speak about your appreciation for 'life in general', then when can you? In October, I posted on the SPIN discussion group as follows: "Working on some things for the November SPIN newsletter focusing on being grateful, and here's the question: what industry people, places or things are you most grateful for?" Many thoughtful answers came in and on the next few pages, we're sharing them in their unedited versions. Thanks to everyone who responded. streaming all year long? Feel free to keep the discussion moving by visiting the link at and we'll continue to occasionally post some responses, bec au se Nov. 12 Chicago 5th Anniversary Celebration at the Drake Nov. 14 Twin Cities Branch Think Tank at Champions Hall Nov. 21 SPIN:Lab – How to keep you business running during a personal crisis w e're alw ays g ratefu l wh en peo ple pay at te nt ion and re spo nd to n ewsle tt er items! SPIN Member Responses Continue on Page 4 Dec. 2 SPIN Virtual Hosted Buyer program Dec. 5 Wouldn't it be great if we could just keep this kind of positive d ial og ue Upcoming Events NACE Sponsored SPIN:Lab - Catering Trends for the Senior Meeting Professional December San Diego Branch – Keep your eyes out for the date of the next Branch Event

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