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Monthly Journal of the Senior Planners Industry Network Issue 39 – December 2013 SPIN:News Ho-Ho-Ho! What Do PLANNERS Wish this Season? Written by SPIN:News Editor, Terry MatthewsLombardo, CMP For the December SPIN Linked In Discussion Group question we asked, "What would you ask Santa for if granted ONE BIG INDUSTRY WISH this holiday season?" Needless to say, our network of never-shy Senior Planners had some great items on their lists! Did any of these make yours? 1. Credibility 2. Better pay 3. Clients that understand that we really do know what we're talking about 4. A nice winter wheat beer. . . 5. New business with successful corporations. . . who understand what we offer as professionals 6. More client patience for those times when we're asking all kinds of questions [so that we can do a great job for them] 7. A case of Meiomi Pinot Noir! 8. Realistic timelines, especially when asked to produce a truly creative proposal 9. To get my IATA paperwork pushed through the approval process - it's been sitting on someone's desk for months now and I'm tired of waiting! 10. For people who are NOT meeting planners to understand how hard we work! EDITOR'S NOTES: • Special thanks to Joan E. for reminding me to be politically correct and include Hanukkah Harry in this discussion! • These are condensed responses and listed in no particular order. Please refer to to view the full content of each reply. So it would seem that a consistent thread ran through many of the responses – that being our ongoing wish for credibility, better pay, and clients that believe in our skills – aka RESPECT! The following two submissions were great summaries: (continued on page 3)

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