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Monthly Journal of the Senior Planners Industry Network Issue 43 – April 2014 SPIN:News APRIL MAKES ME WANT TO SKIP. . . By Terry Matthews-Lombardo, CMP Upcoming Events _________________ Apr. 22 Twin Cities - Feed My Starving Children CSR Event Apr. 23 Washington DC - Q2 Branch Event at Occidental Grill & Seafood Apr. 23-24 Eventeract 2104 in Atlanta (SPIN is an Alliance Partner) Apr. 24 San Diego - Q2 Branch Event at Del Mar Fairgrounds Apr. 24 SPIN:Lab Mini-Series Difficult Conversations Boss/Manager May 5 SPIN Virtual Hosted Buyer Week Ah yes, spring is in the air (do I hear a 'hurray!?' Why yes, I think I do!), and doesn't it just make you want to jump for joy? Here in Florida we concede to be blessed with envious weather year round, but come April I still want to do a happy dance in appreciation of all things spring like butterflies. . .and Easter Eggs. . .and daffodils and tulips. (Granted, neither are native flowers down here, but we sure do appreciate all the imports of those blossoms you keep shipping to us that are guaranteed to cheer up even the gloomiest-doomiest curmudgeons among us). But before you fill your basket with the pastel giddiness of spring, let's also remember that, just as certainly as seasonal allergies are on their way, that pesky tax deadline is also lurking on the April horizon. So, how to temper the highs and lows that arrive with the first quarter survival celebrations? Take a recess and bust out the white wine. Methinks a crisp Pinot Grigio might do the trick, or perhaps a bubbly Prosecco. There now, doesn't that sound refreshing? However you celebrate the return of the chirping birdies and Cadbury bunnies, as a senior planner, I'm sure you do it in style. I even find myself smiling more these days – maybe it's because I've managed to fumble my way through March Madness (right along with February funk and January jams); or maybe, just possibly, it's because in the spring I tend to look at things with fresh eyes. And sometimes that's all it takes to get inspiration. . .or solve a problem. . .or think outside the over-stuffed box of winter deadlines and unmanageable targets. (Continued on page 3)

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