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Log in: BY senior-level planners, FOR senior-level planners Monthly Journal of the Senior Planners Industry Network Issue 72 – October 2016 SPiN:N Log in: BY senior-level planners, FOR senior-level planners Monthly Journal of the Senior Planners Industry Network SPIN:News Issue 76– Spring 2017 Perhaps you are wondering why I am telling a group of Senior Event Planners to be coachable. This group has an average of 20 years in the meetings and hospitality industry. So why? Recently, I attended my son's little league opening day celebration. Chad O'Shea, wide receiver coach for the New England Patriots was the guest of honor. Prior to throwing out the first pitch, O'Shea shared with the crowd of baseball and softball players the importance of being coachable and being great listeners and how those traits can lead to success."Whether it's Tom Brady or Julian Edelman, every coachable player looks their coaches in the eyes and listens to them when they're talking," O'Shea said. This got me thinking. Even Tom Brady, who became the first quarterback in NFL history to win five Super Bowls, still accepts that he can be better by listening to his coaches. As event planners, we have seen our industry advance. Think back to when there were no cells phones, iPads or social media. As the industry evolves, it is our responsibility as senior event planners to acknowledge it and grow with it. Take courses, attend conferences, workshops and webinars, join a professional association, connect with people who can teach you what you don't know. If someone is doing something effective, don't hesitate to try it out. Learn from as many people as you can. Event planners are used to wearing multiple hats but sometimes this leads us into unfamiliar territory. So whether its learning a new registration system, becoming a social media guru, earning an industry designation, or becoming an entrepreneur, make the effort to better yourself. You are worth it! As Coach O'Shea puts it, "Think of it like this, I'm not standing here today to throw out the first pitch if those players that I coached in the Super Bowl gave up when we were down 25 points in the fourth quarter. They didn't give up and it wasn't great along the way in the game. I can promise you you're not going to always have the best day, but as long as you keep committed and don't give up, you're going to have a lot of fun out here." Staying committed will lead to more fun and success in our dynamic industry. So my challenge to you all this year is to be the most coachable event planner you can be. Enjoy your job and have fun. Who knows, you might even find a hidden talent along the way. Laura Howe, CMP is the Owner of LH Global Events, LLC, an event management company based out of Massachusetts. Good at wearing multiple hats, Laura also volunteers as SPIN's Director of Membership. Contact her at and Follow her on Facebook at Be Coachable By: Laura Howe, CMP

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